Program Requirements

To successfully complete the program and graduate with the distinction in Global Arts, Action, and Social Entrepreneurship, you must complete the items on the checklist below. (Keep in mind that while the list might seem long, you are probably already meeting most of the requirements!) There is no application; you may join by signing up during class registration or by contacting the Program Coordinator, Eduardo Santiago, at

The following must be completed before graduation:

  • – Attend biweekly meetings
  • – Three years of foreign language courses (ESL students are exempt)
  • – Cumulative GPA of 3.00 at the time of graduation
  • – Create an art project promotes Art in Society’s goal, to influence, improve, or transform communities or a community through the transformative power of art and service.
  • – Demonstrate leadership
    • This can be accomplished by organizing an event, running a seminar discussion, leading a student group, or some other leadership activity approved by the faculty committee.

You must join the program by the beginning of fall semester of your senior year at the latest.  Every semester that you are part of the program, you must complete the following:

  • – Attend at least 75% (at least 6) of the Seminar events per semester
    • The Seminar events will be visits from guest speakers, field trips, and discussion sessions about social issues. They will be held at times when all students are available on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.
  • – Complete at least one community service activity (Some opportunities will be offered through the Seminar)
  • – Complete 10 hours of qualifying service or action-oriented activity over the summer break

Note that these requirements are negotiable, your Art in Society coordinator will help you decide what and how your participation will manifest. We encourage originality and welcome your unique sense of social purpose.