Student Opportunities

Building Connections and Recognizing Achievement

Students who participate in the program will have the opportunity to…

…network with professionals and collaborate with organizations.

…graduate with a special distinction in Global Arts, Action, and Social Entrepreneurship.

…hold internship positions with volunteer service and community arts organizations.

…access resources for summer programs.

…take advantage of support for art projects and leadership development.

…explore outlets for publishing and featuring their work.

…use new interdisciplinary linkages across campus to make their creativity more dynamic.


Skills for Awareness, Leadership, and Action

After completing the Art in Society program, students will…

…be capable of positively influencing the world around them using their skills and creative talents.

…be able to contemplate ideas from a diversity of cultural perspectives and will establish the habit of maintaining awareness of global issues with an orientation towards change and social justice.

…have stronger character as a result of reflecting upon their own roles in society and the ethical course of their individual actions.

…be aware of how their local actions relate to the world stage and how global forces impact their own lives and the lives of others.

…have tools for social action through direct experience, such as effective organizing, negotiating, networking skills, and the ability to adapt to unanticipated challenges.

…have the capacity to navigate through uncharted social and cultural worlds while continually cultivating confidence and poise working in unfamiliar circumstances—a necessary skill for lifelong learning and professional success.