ART IN SOCIETY 2017/18 launched Wed., September 17, 2017 with the traditional Ice Cream Social. Film and Digital Media student, Nikki Taro, made a wonderful and very touching presentation about her work, over the summer, at El Pastoral Del Amor, an orphanage in Merida, Mexico. Truly Art at work in Society. Inform. Transform. Influence.IceCreamSocialArt in Society Ice Cream Social Poster 2017

MUSICA! A Side By Side Concert

musica 11Two communities united by love of music. Students from San Jacinto Elementary School arrive IAA with their parents. Approximately 50 people in total. The students will play side by side with their music mentors. The parents will be in the audience, digging the sounds, beaming with pride 🙂

Teresa conducts

At IAA’s spectacular Lowman Concert Hall, Teresa de Pietro conducts ECHO Orchestra, comprised entirely by elementary school students from San Jacinto.



IMG_0629 (3)


San Jacinto students (in blue) and their IAA mentors (in black) take on Tchaikovsky.


Proud mentor, Paulina Flores (center), with her VIOLA students.

Group pic

These are the people responsible for a beautiful afternoon of art, music, and friendship. IAA mentors (in black) and their elementary school students (in blue).


UPCYCLE Fashion Show 3/11/17


Zorina (Tsz Ching) Wong was the winner of the Best Upcycle Design. The show benefited the Idyllwild HELP Center.


Zorina’s design started out as “pale finds” at the Help Center which she transformed into a dark and dazzling, award-winning garment.



Fashion show was a resounding success! The IAA students mixed beautifully with an audience of local Help Center supporters. It was Art + Society, literally. Event raised more than $6,000.00 for Idyllwild’s Help Center.


1 pre fashion2 pre fashion
Idyllwild Arts Fashion Students present the raw material they will “upcycle” into high fashion

GENDER FLUIDITY is subject of IAA Symposium


“We’re not post gay, we’re not post racist, we’re not post anything. The struggle is still here.” Actor and Activist Michael Kearns, paraphrased.

Panel #1

First Panel: (lft to rt)Steven Reigns, Anna Joy Springer, Kai Hazelwood, Clement Hil Goldberg.


“Everything I hated about myself in high school I love today because it’s the source of my poetry, my activism, and my pride.” Steven Reigns poet and activist, paraphrased.


In anticipation of and in conjunction with the 2017 Symposium, Fluid: The Changing Face Of Gender Identity opened Friday, February 10 at Parks Exhibition Gallery on IAA campus. Curated by Joann Tomsche and David Reid-Marr, this vibrant showcaseIMG_0003IMG_0004 features a wide range of personal voices from artists for whom gender fluidity and identity is a personal as well as an artistic journey.