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Guest Speakers for the Fall Semester

Usually held on Fridays from 7:00-8:00 in the Fireside Room

September 13th – Monica Argandoña, “Environmental activism and our desert lands”

October 9th – Amber Pairis and Danielle Boudreau, “Community engagement and environmental advocacy through the art-science nexus”

October 12th – Colleen Meyer, “Our community and the HELP center”

October 13th – Drive By Press,

Dana Patterson, Brandon Yadegari, and Daniel Garcia, “Where does our stuff come from? The Fashion Industry, Sweatshops, and Student Activism”

Chris Hortinela and Daniel Zorub, “Vitamin A, Saving Babies, and Working for Global Nonprofits”

Richelle Gribble, “Creative Social Entrepreneurship (or how to ‘make it’ as an artist while doing good for the world)”

Katlen Abu Ata, “Student Activism and the Middle East”


Trips for the Fall Semester

Usually held on Saturdays or Sundays

September 26th – Los Angeles Green Festival Expo

November 8th – Palm Springs Pride Parade


Ongoing Community Collaborations

Opportunities to work with these groups are available every week and students may be able to hold internship positions with each

MUSICA! (music education for underprivileged kids)

SmARTS (art education for kids in Idyllwild)

The HELP Center (working with poverty and social issues in Idyllwild)

Living Free animal sanctuary (caring for abused animals)


Discussion Sections

Usually held on Sundays during brunch from 11:00-12:00 in the Fireside room 

Faculty, staff, administrators, and student leaders will conduct workshops and activities on a broad range of topics, from the history of art activism to power dynamics and privilege in our society.


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