RUSTIC WEDDINGS – Upcycle Fashion Show

What does one wear to a rustic wedding? Art in Society once again joined forces with IAA Design Department and Idyllwild’s Help Center to create a spectacular fashion show using upcycled materials.

The wedding gown started out as curtains and a table runner. And the stunning result was worn by the bride three weeks later at her actual wedding.

The models were Idyllwild residents ages six to sixty! From flower girls to mother-of-the bride everyone was dressed to impress.

The event raised $5,000.00! All proceeds went directly to The Help Center. The Idyllwild HELP Center assists over 600 residents in need – they provide non-perishable food, hygiene products, wood for heating, and much more. It’s Children’s Fund contributes to child care costs at Idyllwild Town Hall for working parents as well as school/winter clothing.  The Art in Society program is proud to help the Help Center meet its financial goals with this annual fundraiser, which is quickly becoming one of Idyllwild’s most beloved traditions.

Cinco de Mayo Sidewalk Chalk Art Fiesta


Art in Society was true to form in May, uniting four creative and caring Idyllwild organizations for the Cinco de Mayo Sidewalk Chalk Art Fiesta.

The Art Alliance of Idyllwild, Art in Society, Idyllwild School’s PTA and the smARTS project all teamed up to participate in this community art project. Enthusiastic participants ranging from 6 to 60, all rolled up their sleeves and got “hands-on” / “hands-dirty” to see to it that downtown Idyllwild sidewalks were vibrantly decorated in sidewalk chalk murals.


A successful afternoon indeed, as the funds raised (approximately $1,500.00) were donated directly to smARTS, who provides approximately 300 art classes to Idyllwild Elementary School students per year, and are very deserving of our assistance.