End of Semester Summary of the Art in Society Program

This semester was an extraordinary start to the Art in Society program! Our students were deeply engaged in making a world place through their art. To support them, we organized a very large number of events, averaging to more than one event every other day for the entire semester.

  • Seven speaker events (average attendance of 20 students) –  These included alumni, local community activists, and artists engaged in social issues
  • Two field trips (14 students each) – Our students marched in one of the largest Pride Parades in the country and visited the Los Angeles Green Festival
  • Five screening events (average attendance of 55 students) – In addition to documentary screenings organized by our campus groups, we showed the first democratic primary debate and were part of artist J.R.’s international release of Ellis
  • Over forty volunteer activities (average attendance of 7 students) – Our students expanded on previous volunteer activities of the school (teaching arts at the local elementary school through the smARTS program, helping at the Living Free animal sanctuary, etc) and began new collaborations with community organizations (HELP Center, Idyllwild Town Library, etc) and started participating in programs off the hill (teaching music lessons through MUSICA, tutoring inner city kids through Writeopia)

At the beginning of the year, 80% of the students at Idyllwild Arts voluntarily expressed interest in the Art in Society program. Nearly two-thirds of the student body attended at least one event and more than one-third attended over three events. There are 61 students who satisfied all requirements and are on track to complete the program. Many juniors and seniors have submitted proposals for capstone art projects that will integrate social justice issues or global cultures into their artistic expression.

We look forward to what next semester will bring!

Many thanks to all of the supporting faculty who helped make this possible.