Printmaking collective Drive By Press visits campus

Drive By Press has been touring school campuses across the country for the last ten years, sharing their artistic method and “spreading the gospel of printmaking.” We were fortunate to have Idyllwild on this year’s tour stop! Linda Santana, our printmaking instructor, arranged for their visit.

In addition to giving masterclasses and teaching our Visual Art students during the day, Drive By Press also set up shop in our dining hall to do printing throughout the day.



Printmaking has a rich history of being a community-oriented art form that gives voice to marginalized groups. At night, they gave a lecture to our Art in Society students about their work. After graduation, our students may find themselves torn between their artistic passion, the struggle to make ends meet, and the desire to do something good in the world. The artists at Drive By Press provided a success story that proved artists can be successful in doing what they love and making the world a better place.

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