Director of the HELP Center talks about community involvement

Over 65% of the families in Idyllwild are poor enough that their children qualify for free or reduced lunch in school. The Director of the HELP Center, Colleen Meyer, and the Client Services Administrator, Skye Zambrana, talked about the programs and initiatives that they organize. From health care to nutritional needs to shelter, the HELP Center has an incredible array of services that they offer to over 550 clients in town. Colleen and Skye highlighted the importance of listening to each person’s story and the value of working to empower others.


Twenty-two students attended the guest lecture. They asked a variety of questions and brainstormed ideas of how the Idyllwild Arts student body could get involved. Every year, the National Honor Society of Idyllwild Arts, a group of academically-distinguished and service-oriented students, conducts a fundraiser to supply food to the pantry; this year, they hope expand the project and do more work in the community.