Guest speaker talks about conserving our desert wilderness

The first guest in our seminar series came during Sunday brunch to speak with our students about environmental activism.


Monica Argandoña is an expert on desert conservation. She completed her Ph.D. on desert conflicts and has taught widely, currently at Cal State Long Beach. Monica has worked for the California Wilderness Coalition for the past seven years and played a lead role in a successful campaign that protected over 2 million acres of desert lands through a bill sponsored by Senator Feinstein.


Idyllwild is located in a fragile desert, and too often we don’t consider the beauty and fragility of our home. Our students gained a greater understanding and appreciation of our ecosystem through Monica’s engaging talk about the uniqueness and diversity of California desert lands and the history to protect them. Monica empowered students to take action through a firsthand account about current conservation campaigns and strategies.

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After the her talk, many of the students experienced our piece of desert paradise firsthand by spending the rest of the day hiking to the top of Tahquitz peak.

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