The program has officially begun!

What sets Idyllwild Arts apart is not just its extraordinary pre-professional training, but its dedication to making the world a better place through the artistic process. Max Krone founded the school in the aftermath of World War II with the intention that gathering young artists from around the world to creatively express themselves would help overcome cultural differences and bring about a measure of peace. This year, Idyllwild Arts is proud to start a new program which institutionalizes this vision. The Art in Society program will support and recognize young changemakers at our school as they apply their passion for social justice and raise awareness of global issues. The program will include guest speakers and collaborations with organizations that will foster an engagement with the world beyond the classroom.

The groundwork for the Art in Society program was laid during the 2014-15 school year. Over half of the returning student body expressed interest in participating in the program. As our first year gets underway, you can follow developments on this site and on our new Facebook page which will be used to send notifications about upcoming events. This first year will be an exciting time full of new collaborations and powerful creativity!